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You have been gifted a golf lesson!

Someone must be thinking of you! 
Below are steps for you to receive an online golf lesson from Dan Gaucher and his team. 

Simply follow the steps below and Dan and his team will make sure you are on the right path and workin on the right things to make your swing bullet proof. 

How to receive your online lesson

Fill out the form below.

Online Lesson Contact Form 

Keep an eye out for your CoachNow Email to get started!

After you have filled out the form above you will receive and email within 24 hours you will receive and email from CoachNow explaining how to access your account. This is the software Dan and his team will use to communicate, instruct, and give you personalized drills on. 
Once your account is set up you are ready to go!

You will notice a video is already in your CoachNow account once you sign in. That video will show you have to best record your swing for our team to best help you out!

Its important to note that you do not even need to be hitting a ball or these videos. The most important is that you feel you are swinging just as you are outside on the course. We will take care of the rest!!

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