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Winter Coaching Programs 


Drop massive strokes off your score next season with these fully packed programs! Each package is a complete blueprint of exactly what your game needs to cut your handicap in half! Practice sessions are also included  to ensure the changes being made in lessons are going to last. 

What is really included?


Personalized blueprint for your game. This blueprint is laid out after your first session and will show you step by step how your game is going to transform. 


Yours for ever! Your entire blueprint will be laid out for you on a personal CoachNow account. This includes videos of your lessons and drills, with record keeping right at your fingertips with the app. 


We talking about practice! Each program comes with practice time on the simulator! This practice time will be guided and laid out for you based on your blueprint. Drills are important to make the proper changes, but is testing. The rationale behind this is to make sure you are pushing your self, a mix of testing and block practice will be included to engrain proper movement patterns. 


Unlimited contact! Staying in touch and being able to have questions answered is integral to playing your best. It could be a swing or technique or mental preparation question, you will have my personal cell phone number to text or call with anything that may come up!

Parent of Long Term Junior

   Dan is a fantastic golf coach! He is a patient and personable instructor who gets to know his students individually so he can help bring out the best in them. One of my favorite things about Dan is that he uses a holistic approach to develop all components of the golf game. He incorporates everything including course management, mental game, golf swing, physical fitness, and practice methods.

Robb Walters

Ready to cut your handicap in half!?

Click this link to see all the options and pricing! 
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