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Winter Junior Sessions 


These fun and competitive sessions are designed to help take your juniors game to the next level. Whether it is making a high school team or aspiring to play at the college level, sessions are designed to work on the 4 major pillars of the game (full-swing, short game, mental game, and fitness). Each individual player will have their own drills and tasks to complete within each day (Block swing practice), There will also be daily competitions to help build camaraderie and foster a comfort level with competiton, which is vital to competing at the next level. 

What will sessions look like?


First thing you will do is check the white board for your name and your first task. This will be individualized work most of the time. IE: swing drill station or task (ex: make 50 three foot putts)


Penalties for losing will be completed (don't worry it is just a few push ups......... usually)


After all players complete their block practice we will have a competition with a different focus each day. This could be group or personal competition. For example: One day the focus may be 50 yards and in, so all competitions will focus on that aspect. 


Remaining time will be used for players to either play holes on the simulator or utilize different putting games with PuttView 

Parent of Long Term Junior

   Dan is a fantastic golf coach! He is a patient and personable instructor who gets to know his students individually so he can help bring out the best in them. One of my favorite things about Dan is that he uses a holistic approach to develop all components of the golf game. He incorporates everything including course management, mental game, golf swing, physical fitness, and practice methods.

Robb Walters

Times and Pricing

-Monday 6-8pm
-Wednesday 6-8pm

Starts November 14th

-Max 4 players per session.
-Must sign up in advance
-At least 2 players must be signed up for session to take place
-Players who have not been to a session that week will be given priority over players who are already signed up for a session that week.

Each Session $25 for the 2 hours 

Join the junior program

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